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Our Mission

C4 Capital for New Commons is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to grow impact investment markets in Japan and mobilize private capital for social impact through a number of advocacy, research and innovative finance programs.

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Product Innovation

There is a lack of funding models for impact in Japan. Core to our work is to leverage innovative finance tools to structure investment programs that can aggregate multiple types of capital for impact (public, private and philanthropic) and meet the needs of a wide range of investors interested in investing for impact.

Capacity Building

Notwithstanding the lack of funding templates and investment products, building a pipeline of investible opportunities is a pre-requisite to mobilize private investment for impact. Partnering with other intermediaries to develop deal capacity and attract new players is at the center of our strategy to grow the pie for social investment in Japan.

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Cross-sector Partnerships

Current efforts by the private, public and philanthropic sector to develop social investment markets remain too fragmented. We focus on designing programs that bring together uncoordinated efforts and are conducive to more efficient and collaborative cross-sector partnerships.