C4 Capital for New Commons (hereinafter “the Organization”) considers the appropriate protection of personal information to be a vital social responsibility, and has laid down a privacy policy (hereinafter “the policy”) as below. The policy shall be adhered to by all executives when handling personal information, while engaging in the activities of the Organization.

1. Handling of personal information

The Organization shall handle all personal information in an appropriate and fair manner

2. Purposes of use

Personal information acquired by the Organization shall be used for the following purposes:

For notifying people of and running meetings, workshops, seminars, etc., sponsored or cosponsored by, or organized in cooperation with the Organization.

For running questionnaires and other surveys as part of the Organization’s operations.

For sending e-mail magazines or providing information by other means on the Organization’s operations.

For preparing, providing, sending, publishing, posting onto the Internet, or any other method of publicizing bulletins, reports, memorandums, etc.

For mutual exchange of information between members.

For the management of members.

For recruitment activities.

3. Providing information to a third party

With the exception of the Organization being asked to provide information based on laws, or under legal orders issued by the court or other organizations, the Organization shall not provide personal information to a third party without obtaining prior approval of the persons concerned.

4. Contact information

Contact information is provided here for lodging complaints, inquiries, confirmation, etc., regarding the handling of personal information.