About Impact investing

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Social impact investing can target a variety of returns from below market to risk-adjusted market rate and can be made across asset classes.

Impact investing is designed to channel investment capital to address social and environment challenges. Most common themes include education, healthcare and well-being, community development, sustainable agriculture, access to basic services, renewable energy, women empowerment and gender equity etc.


About Blended Finance


Blended finance is the use of catalytic capital from public and philanthropic sources to increase private sector investment in social and environmental impact. It is a structuring framework that allows different types of capital (whether impact or commercial oriented) to invest alongside each other while achieving their own objectives (financial, social or a blend). Blended finance programs facilitate capital alignment of multiple stakeholders. Blended finance structures include concessional development funding, technical assistance facility, risk-mitigation guarantees, design grant funding facilities.


About Innovative Finance


Innovative finance refers to a set of financial solutions and mechanisms that help create scalable and effective ways of channeling both private money from capital markets and public resources towards solving pressing global challenges. Innovative financing is a way of making development and public resources more effective and efficient by linking financing to results, redistributing risk, improving the availability of working capital, and leveraging technology.