The Mottainai Index Project

Corporate sustainability benchmarks and SDG innovation


The mottainai index project is a data research project designed to create innovative corporate sustainability performance benchmarks across JPX400 constituent companies. Over the past 3 years, we’ve gathered more than 15,000 data points tracking how JPX 400 companies account for their contribution to the SDGs in their corporate reporting and business model innovation.


The Japanese NPO sector outlook

Mapping the social sector needs and opportunities

Over a period of 6 months, we conducted in 2018 an in depth survey of the NPO sector in Japan to better identify the sector needs and opportunities. We screened more than 32,000 NPOs in Japan and engaged more than 1,200 organizations on topics ranging from fundraising needs and capabilities, ICT needs and capabilities, marketing and community outreach capacity, staffing needs and recruitment challenges.


The start-up incubation program monitor

Assessing new ventures acceleration programs in Japan

C4 surveyed more than 40 programs nationally to better assess start up acceleration program capacity, impact and outcomes based on funding partners, business launch outcomes, program outputs and continuity etc. Through this program, we sought to identify best in class partners that provide early-stage social entrepreneurs with a clear roadmap to investment readiness.